A Little Book of Family Tales by Rob Suggs

March 5, 2018

The Suggs family is an ordinary family–probably a lot like your family. Whether they’re playing with Legos, learning to drive or just mowing the lawn, the Suggses live a down-to-earth life. What’s extraordinary is Rob Suggs’s spiritual perception and story-telling ability. The result is a winsome collection of tales filled with laughter, love and profound meaning that sheds new light on God’s precious gift of family. So gather around the kitchen table with the Suggs family to listen to a few of their stories. And the next time your toddler throws her peas or your spouse loses the keys, you might discover some rich stories of your own.


“Rob Suggs is one of God’s storytellers. He’s found a brand new route to a person’s heart–right through the funny bone.” – Bruce Wilkinson (The Prayer of Jabez)

“Rob Suggs makes words seems like players on a stage. You feel as if you’re right there. You will be intrigued as he unveils his family stories.” – David Jeremiah (Turning Points)


Title: A Little Book of Family Tales
Subtitle: Real-Life Stories of Wit and Wisdom
Author: Rob Suggs
Paperback: 120 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 971-8573-67-4
ISBN-13: 978-971-8573-67-9
Product Dimensions: 4″ x 6″
Regular Price: P110.00
Discounted Price: P75.00
Available at: National Bookstore and PCBS.

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